Intelligent External Roller Shutters


Sunshield systems often become integral elements of bulding elevations. They serve a practical purpose, in terms of creating comfortable conditions inside buildings but they also add a decorative touch to them. In buldings with plenty of glazing many aspects, such as the need to regulate insolation of rooms, reduction of energy waste, privacy protection and safety need to be taken into consideration. All theses needs are met by roller shutters of a French company – BUBENDORFF.

The BUBENDORFF company is a European leader in production of roller shutters with 60 years of experience and their offer includes outdoor electric roller shutters:

  • ACTIV”HOME – roller shutters with movable louvers, combining
    functions of anti-theft roller shutters with those of exterior blinds.
  • ROLAX – horizontal conservatory roller shutters which are the only
    aluminium roller shutters reducing the greenhouse effect in spaces with plenty of roof glazing.
  • ID2 SOLAR – vertical solar roller shutters that allow independence
    from conventional sources of energy as well as non-invasive installation.
  • ID2 – electric vertical roller shutters.
  • ATIX and ATIX SOLAR – roof roller shutters for roof windows.

BUBENDORFF offers a 7 year warranty on all its roller shutters.

BUBENDORFF outdoor roller shutters can become a part of any smart home system. Roller shutters can be programmed according to residents’ preferences so that they open at a set time, and thanks to data from an insolation sensor, they can react to changing atospheric conditions, according to user’s settings. BUBENDORFF intelligent roller shutters can be operated from home using remote controls, buttons or smart phone, tablet and computer applications, as well as from afar – all you need to close, tilt or open the roller shutters is Internet access.

BUBENDORFF roller shitters stand out as unique and innovative solutions because they:

  • improve anti-theft protection of your home – all roller shutter models are equipped with a modern anti-theft lock, which increases your safety,
  • extend a comfort zone – by regulating insolation levels thanks to automatic control,
  • lower heating and air-conditioning costs – roller shutter slats made of alluminium and filled with foam have excellent thermal insulation properties on a level that is incomparably higher than that of external blinds,
  • integrate with a smart building management system.

Thanks to a network of authorized distributors Bubendorff roller shutters are availble throughout Poland.

Intelligent External Roller Shutters: Warszawa, Poznań, Lublin, Rzeszów, Opolen, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Rybnik, Bielsko Biała, Łódź

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