Spring Special Offer on ACTIV’HOME


We are happy to announce that for the first time in Poland Bubendorff has prepared an

spring special offer on ACTIV’HOME roller shutters with functions of outdoor blinds.

It is a unique opportunity to buy these unrivaled roller shutters with moveable louvers with a 20% discount on their regular price.

BUBENDORFF ACTIV’HOME outdoor electric roller shutters are made of movable louvers and thus combine functions of anti-theft roller shutters with those of outdoor blinds. It is the only solution of this type available on the Polish market. A unique construction of the roller shutter enables you to adjust the angle of the louvers just as in outdoor blinds or shutters. By regulating how much light we want to allow into a room we can reach the optimal level of insolation. Movable louvers give us a possibility to protect our privacy at home without limiting what we see out, just as in case of blinds.

See our offer for more details!


*Important offer only to 10 May 2017